Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sundhara Mooruthy Mukhya Prana

Raga Amritha Varshini


Sundaramurthi Mukhya prana banda namma manege,
Sri Rama nama  dwanike , mukhya prana banda Manege

(The beautiful Hanuman had come to our house listening to the chanting of Lord Rama)


1.Kana kala anduge  gejjeye , galu galurenutha,
Janakku janakku yendhu , kuni kuni dhadutha.

(With the anklets in his legs he came dancing making rhythmic music)

2.Thumburu naradharu  veene barisutha,
Veene barisutha  , Sri Rama nama padutha,

(With Naradha and Thumburu playing Veena and singing Lord Rama's name...)

3.Purundara vittalna nenadhu padu thalli,
Nenadhu paduthalli , aalingana maduthalli,
(He came singing and thinking about Purandara Vittala)

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Lord Hanuman, Bheema and Madhwacharya are considered the same avatars. Whenever we are afraid of something or down with unknown fear this fear itself will become unknown if we pray Hanuma or Bheema or Madhwa.

As a kid in the night when me and my sis used to get scared my dad used to sing this song for us.

Raagam - Kalyani
Thalam -  Ada

Anjikinyathakaiyya sajjanarige anjikinyathakaiyya
Sanjeevirayara smrane madidha mele

(Why fear for those who pray lord hanuma)


Kanasalli Manasalli Kalavala vathare
Hanumana nenethare hari hogathe papa

(If you have ill thoughts in your dreams or in your thoughts just think of lord hanuma and all your sins will fly away)

Roma romake koti lingavu darishita
Bheemana nenethare bittu hogathe beethi

(If you pray Bheema, who had darshan of koti linga then all your fears will leave you)

Purandara vittalana poojayu madithe
Gurumadwa rayare smarane maditha mele

(We need to remember lord madhwachaya who does pooja of lord vittala)

Purandara Dasaru

This blog is an attempt to collect the wonderful work of saint Purandaradasa. He has composed wonderful songs and it is indeed a blessing if we get a chance to listen to his great composition and truly understand it.

My dad had been singing his songs in bajans , at home and when he put us to sleep and now sings for my daughter too.

I hope I will be able to collect as many songs as possible and can share it with one and all with the help of  Lord Vishnu's blessings.